Tuesday with....

MMmmmmmmmmm Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! (Sonia's fav sentence)
Want some??

I could eat this all day long.
That's how much I love it... Anyways
dont get too excited peeps cos I dont hv
the recipe for this sticky date pudding
Every single time we hv coffee at Cafe Baviamo we will
order the same desert... soooooo sooooo yummy!

Soooooo sorry for not
this blog peeps!
It's year end
The traveling.
The family coming over.
Not to mention,
the laziness that comes over me
when the temperature is warm outside.

Anyway today I had a super long day..
Went out with my girlfriends for brunch
Had our coffee (didnt get to finish mine as Sonia was just superb today!)
Did our shopping and went on our seperate ways
I met up with hb in the evening and had seafood dinner with
Kevin and wifey with their super cute Tasha (our close buddy fm KL)
drove them to the airport and headed back home

I am really kaputtt
hopefully I will get back to my normal
routine of being a good wifey that bakes muuuaahahahhah


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Love your daughter dress (*_*).

Rima said...

Its fm H&M.. do u guys hv H&M there?? we are still waiting for the store to be open here in S'pore..

CS said...

Rima, itu kueh is so zalim looking... tis, tis, tis..

Rima said...

hehhe.. tahu tak pe.. nak tak?? ikut ur sis datang s'pore lah.. :o)

CS said...

Rima...alaaaaa youuuu....

I am torn! Nak pegi 3 hari 2 mlm jer.. cam tak berbaloi (tho I am yearning to go) :-(

Rima said...

aduhhhh sometimes we drive to KL super early morning and drive back to singapore the very same day.. berbaloi?? yeppp! cos its all abt getting out of ur hometown heheh .. when is she coming?? next week we will be in KL again :ox

CS said...

Rima, berbaloi when your heart is into it, whereas mine isn't quite. 3 of my sisters, a nephew and my dara are going on 28-30/12, insyaallah. On 30-31/12 n 1/1/10 my good friend is having majlis kawin which starts off with berkhatam, nikah n reception.

Let my dara spends my portion of $ bershopping. Let her enjoy after berhempas pulas preparing for her exams. Amboiii.. panjang pulak I bercakap.. *big grin*

Rima said...

I get what u mean... well i do hope that they will enjoy their trip to sg.. tengok christmas lights kat Orchard is a must yah and if they want to go and try out this zalim pudding go to Paragon Orchard.. Cafe Baviamo :op

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