Rose Tart

Body aching all over..
tired yadda yadda yadda..
my super duper hb is clearing his annual leave
and will only start work first week of January... yippieeeeeeeeeee
oh wow...
in 2wks time we are gonna leave behind 2009...

here are a couple of photos of Sonia.
She's 20 months old now.
And is talking bits.
Besides, Mama and Papa,
she can call her cousins, abang and kakak
bibik (auntie Lyn) and ayah (lyn's hb)
Yayi and Nyayi (grandpa and grandma)
and brother
She calls her bro by name,
mind ya'

She can also say
Sponge Bob, Barney, chuggington, Pooh etc etc (almost all the carton characters in playhouse disney, cbeebies and jimjam)
Oh yes.
And guess what
She even knows her body parts very well  (fm head to toe and that includes her belly button)
And can even name them when u point at them
She loves to be read and will always make me read to her at
least 3 mickey mouse clubhouse books at one time lol
Soo she says kiki for Mickey
duck for Donald and
points at goofy, pluto, minnie, daisy and pete when u say out their name

She says
nana for banana,
hello and bye,
She calls every single cat (including tiger) sasha (our cats name lol)
babit for rabbit, fafa for flower, star and
loves to sing "rain rain go away"
she will say
"susu nak" when she wants her milk
and her fave word right now?
No no no.. no no (with her index finger moving hahhaha)
favorite sentence?
Mmmmmmmmm niceeeeeee muaahahaha
You see.. I cud go on and on abt my little princess
cos even tho shes a handful.. shes a sweetheart too..

Soooooo anyway
right after i got home fm my little outing with my girlfriends,
I managed to bake Rose tarts...
Simple but the process of preparation is

250gm butter
2 tbsp castor sugar
2 tbsp ghee
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp castard flour
1/2 cup corn flour
pinch of salt
3 3/4 flour

Pineapple jam - roll it slightly smaller than the size of marble

1 egg yolk}
1 drop of yellow colouring} Mix with fork
1 tsp water}

Sieve all three flour and put it aside
Beat butter and sugar till creamy
Add in ghee, egg yolk and salt and continue to beat till well combine
Add in sifted flour a little at a time
Place dough in clingwrap and let it rest for half an hr or so
Roll dough in between two sheets (1/4") thickness
Use a flower cutter and place cut out into paper cups
Place paper cups into muffin tray and press the center bef placing roll pineapple onto cut out dough
Bake dough at 175C for 10mins .. brush top with egg yolk mixture and continue to bake for another 5 to 10mins

Source: Secubitgaramnor67 blogspot


CS said...

Rima, Sonia ada bantal busuk x?
Kalau both your hands are tied up (niatnya nak suruh you rest gitu), apa agaknya you rasa? hehe..

BTW, how far is Pantai Ris to your home?

Rima said...

She has but if I lupa to take it along she tak tanya pun.. her fav rabbit tercicir kat Melbourne hari tu so at times she will look at me and say "mama.. babit? where where where? heheh

If both my hands are tied up.. i think i .. hmmmmmmmmmm

Pantai Ris ke Pasir Ris? Singapore ni tak besar mana pun.. a little island aje.. so fm my place to Pasir Ris is abt 20 mins drive gitu..

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