Relax ... Chill ok....

I've been saying these words a lot lately...
to my princess AND my husband.
Why is everyone so hyped up??

My husband is so unlike me.
He is the typical Type A personality.
He gets frustrated easily especially under pressure,
he wants things done fast and he gets flustered.
Needless to say,
if he is to join the Amazing Race,
he'll go crazy.
I.. on the other hand,
a little laid back and when I get stressed,
I either tend to chill or go berserk lol
Unfortunately, my Sonia,
had inherited my husband's personality.
She's hyper,
she's impatient,
she cracks under pressure and gets so frustrated.
Because of this, I'm constantly screaming at these two,
to calm down.
It just drives me NUTS when they get flustered.

Thank goodness my Hairi,
is nothing like these two. LOL.
He has inherited the "laid back, chill" gene...(probably fm his dad)
He is so easy going and relaxed.
I don't think I could handle 3 specimens of Type A in the house hehehe

Anyway we got home fm KL safely last night
and since hb will be around till New Year
I dont think I will be baking as much
Hairi went back to his camp this morning hoping he get transfered and
guess what??
he will be stuck in the same camp for the next 2yrs
muuuahahaha (sorry son.. ur stuck being a Rifleman)
while some of his camp mates were transfered to different camps
Poor boy but hey look at the bright side:
You will hv the chance to go to Hawaii for training
Ok ok mama will shut up now :ox

Argghhhh I still hv a lot of Christmas shopping to do
bef this weekend!

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