I'm rambling here..

What makes us feel sexy? How do we define sexy? How does society affect how we feel about ourselves? Do you hate it or love it? Do u hide it or flaunt it? To be honest.. WE ALL ARE in our own way.

If you ask me what sexy is 10 years ago,
I would say, big boobs, a small waist,
the hourglass figure and the J.LO booty.
That was sexy to me then
I tried to live up what sexy means to me.
Oh yeah! I was a hoochie mama!
But if you ask me now what sexy is,
I'll say intelligence, wisdom,
kindness and being able to laugh at yourself.
Motherhood is sexy too.
Maybe it's because I had lost that sexy,
hourglass figure that I once had.
I had gain a confidence that I never had before
that's always sexy!!

Oh my gosh.. i'm doing this again.. every single year.. come december.. i tend to take a step back and think what i've done.. what i've said.. am i any wiser now that I am abt to add another year to my age... geeeezzz why am i rambling abt being sexy this morning.. lol blame it on hb! he makes me feel sexy all the time.. kwang kwang kwang muahahhaha

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SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Yaaa, i think the same way to (*_*).

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