Strawberry Chocolate Marble Cake

I had wanted to update my blog earlier but I was too caught up with housework (a never ending thingy!).. did ironing... oh how i hate ironing... and yep as u might hv guessed.. Sonia was fussy today.. sleeping an hour during day time and climbing up and down the stairs whenever I am not in sight! grrrr.. she cannot sit still .. shes always on the move.. she has so much of energy.. sigh... i guess she takes after me.. :(

Anyway Hairi got home 2hrs ago... we hv not seen him for 2wks and oh boy... he has grown into a young man.. well he turned 19 three days ago.. so happy belated birthday son!!

I cooked him his fav food (asam pedas melaka) and also baked him a marble cake.. errr well honestly, the cake was not in my to do list today.. but.. i just couldnt resist baking it...

I LOVE marble cake. I love pound cake too. I think both cakes remind me of Eid heheh..

10 eggs
85 ml water
450 gm sugar
420 gm hongkong flour )
115 gm all purpose flour ) sift
2 tsp baking powder )
1 1/2 tbsp ovalette
400 gm butter - room temp
1 tbsp strawberry paste
1 tbsp chocolate paste
a few drops of red colouring
2 tsp essence vanilla

Preheat oven 160C
Whisk butter till light and pale in colour.. put it aside
In another bowl.. beat all the ingredients except paste and vanilla
Add butter mixture into egg mixture and mix till well blended
Divide batter into 3 portion.. add vanilla into one portion.. strawberry emulco and red colour into another and chocolate emulco into the last portion
Greased and flour baking pan.. add batter alternately..( plain, brown and red)
Bake on preheated oven at 160C for 45mins

Hv a good weekend peeps!

Source: Kak Fida@MYR


chiah said...

hello there. Been an ardent silent reader of your blog...Very entertaining, especially when I'm going bonkers at work. Something triggered inside of me, when u said that marble cake reminded you of Eid. Yes.. so true, seeing the photo of the delicious cake of yours brought me back to the zaman when my granny would have it placed at the centre of the table... the Good old Days, I would say. Thank you for bringing a big grin to my face today :-D

Rima said...

Hi Chiah..
Glad it brought a big grin to ur face today.. so ur grandmama wud hv it placed at the centre table ey? hehhe my late grandmama did that too! my mom is still keeping that tradition up to today!

CS said...

(Rima ni memang tak reti duk diam2 eh??)

Hi Rima, I just love marble cake. Even during my short stint baking and selling cupcakes, I like it when my clients (cewah) said "macam biasa" (read: marblelah tu).

Rima said...

If i duk diam diam.. i think badan i sure sakit sakit one.. i am a much better mood woman when i get to bake something.. :op

hawa said...

Hey Rima! Wat if I dont hv Hong Kong flour...can I subsitute wif other type of flour?

Rima said...

U can use cake flour instead Hawa

hawa said...


Anonymous said...

Hey your cake looks great..I wanna make it formy moms 50th birthday coming up I have a couple question...what is strawberry paste an choclate paste? An do u think thin slice of strawberries would b good on top?

Rima said...

Strawberry paste and chocolate paste u can get it fm any bakery supply shop..

I think its ok to place a thin slice of strawberries on top.. do gv it a go ok

Happy baking

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