My holiday finally starts today... pheewwww

it's been a few days
that I hadn't update my blog.
Time flies so fast!
I thought I was doing pretty good.

Sooooo whats up in Adelaide??
The time is super short here
and when i said time
I meant the shopping time hehhe
Usually I will get up very early to prepare breakkie
Get things organised and start my days early
Oh did i tell ya that we took my parents
with us on this trip
Yep... they are here with me
So u can imagine
Looking after my oldies and Sonia
on my own in Adelaide

The last couple of days has been crazy
I walked so much that my legs
are getting used to Adelaide ground hahaha
We did Mt Lofty
We went to Mt Barker with George and wifey
Went to Westfield in Marion with Joey
and of cos to Central Market too

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting
one of my blog mates Sue
I actually met her through blog hopping..
or was it when she put up a comment in my blog..
errrr soorryyy Sue
Saw her blog,
read it
and thought..
hey! she lives in Adelaide
A place where hb once called home
We met for lunch
Had fun talking and walking down Rundle Mall
Wished it cud have been longer
ya know... hv coffee and cakes... talking
minus the whining.. shouting... of my little Sonia lol
But both of us had to be back on certain time..
Nevertheless it was great to finally put
a face to a name
Sonia had a blast and so did I
Thank u Sue for making the time to meet me and Sonia!

Still no photos yet :op
Too lazy aka no patience to wait for it to load
toooooooo blooooodddyyyyyy slooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Oh a lighter note
Hb is back in Adelaide
He flew in late last night..

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