Jingle all the wayyyyy

Christmas comes earlier than I expected... muuuahahahha... enjoy the photos peeps cos right now Rima is flying highhhhhhhh...

TY TY TY PAPA CLAUSE!!! I must hv been a good girl ey .. kwang kwang kwang :ox


CS said...

Wah, no wonder jingle all the way :-)
Bertambah gemerlapan lagi gambar2 makanan you nanti ek?

p/s: u look diff. from the profile photo .. cos of that new hairdo kot?

lemongrass said...

clap5X. Congratulations for your early Xmas gift. You must have been a really really good girl this year, hehehe...

Rima said...

Look different tu pasal dah nampak tua tak?? nasib baik my son tak focus kat kedut kedut di muka hahahha

Ty ty ty.. either I've been good girl OR he knows that this year he's been a pain hahahahahha

chiah said...

so happy for you... :-D
Betcha walking on air nowadays yeah
Hope for more great photos then.
Still can't get over the fact that the young man is your son...
Definitely not tua...awet muda

Rima said...

Awet muda?? "cough.. cough" hehehe

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