Its late here
I cant sleep,
I hv probs loading photos..
Sonia finally fell asleep and
hb is not around..
confused?? tell me abt it hehhe..
yes ... yes u guess it right...
we are in the land of down under again...
The last time we were here was 8 months ago

Rima is in Adelaide and
hb is in Brisbane for work for the next 2 days..
he will fly back to Adelaide late Thursday fm Melbourne (confused again?? hahha)
and we will spend the weekend here
bef driving to Melbourne together (still confused?? me to :op)

Anyway we had a long day today
Went to Central Market
Went to Glenelg
Did our typical shopping at Rundle Mall
and had coffee with George and Junie (family friends)
Ohhhhh how i loveeeeeeee the coffee here!!

I will try
to load photos tmrw
till then
Gute Nacht!!


mrswongjowo said...

Don't forget to take pic of the delicious Adelaide pancakes yg u mentioned before....:)

Rima said...

Last night the first thing hb did was to take me to pancake house after he landed(its open 24hrs).. took my camera along but when the food gets to the table i forgot to take pics pulak!!! arghhh tak pe .. we will definately makan pancake again.. hehhe

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