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A good start for a Monday..

One productive day today... Linda and Tiara (my BFF hahha) came by.. we cooked and baked together.. we talked and laughed... every single time we get to meet up its like a therapy.. not retail therapy but stress therapy hahahaaa... we hv known each other for more than 10yrs and we hv our ups and downs but one thing for sure.. it makes us closer.. they were there when i was at my worst.. they were there when i needed a shoulder to cry on.. soooooo ty girls for being who u are! muaaaahhhhh!!

We managed to bake maxican bun (recipe fm previous post) and also swiss roll (forgotten to take pics!)

Photos of Hairi getting ready to go back to his army camp..

Mom and dad came by after Magrib to pick up some stuff.. Lyn, Hairul n kiddoes were here too (hb is always on the "get set go" mode whenever Hairul is around.. why?? XBOX!)


SurayaCoghlan said...

wah rima..lepas ni gambar2 kek you bertambah-tambah cantek lah ada dslr..gambar cantik2..

Rima said...

Dah jadi idaman kalbu.. bila papa clause suddenly beli kan.. mak macam anjat! heheh.. but ah... 75% of the time dia yang play with the camera.. dia baca.. dia try.. then he ajar i.. senang hidup mak like that heheh.. oh if u are looking for one.. canon is indeed a good camera.. plus when we register online kita dapat another lens.. 50mm and also dapat free lesson.. which i think i will go next month..

mrswongjowo said...

Jelous I u dah ada no need to go outdoor dah nak snap pic eh..bestnye...

SurayaCoghlan said...

I see,i see, we r planning to buy one tapi nak tunggu dekat2 nak balik KL nanti sebab boleh claim tourist GST dari Australian Government..dapat la balik dalam 10% kot...hehehe

Rima said...

woooaahhhh long time no hear lah.. ada sihat kah?? ah ah.. now tak yah lah i terkejar kejar mencari mentari untuk ambil gambar heheh

Ah ah.. as long as its cheaper to get it fm aussie land lah..

mrswongjowo said...

Sihat...hibernate jap winterkan...:)

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