Choc-Cheese Muffin

These are so simple to make
there's no need to type the recipes.
I'm sure u guys can memorized it too
if u know how simple this muffin recipe is!
Usually, when I make these "snacks"
as I called it,
I just wing it.
No need to be so accurate
No need to wash lots of dishes
No need to use stand mixer..
All u need is a hand whisk or
a rubber spatula to do the job..
Super easy... super straight forward and super fast
I've bake this muffin so often that I dont hv
to look at the recipe anymore..
Unfortunately today i had forgotten to add salt
to my batter
(had to cos i used unsalted butter)
and my muffin turned out
super bitter since i used Hachez 88% cocoa chocolate
Argggghhhhh there goes my chocolate craving!!!

140g cooking chocolate
100 cream cheese
80g butter
2 grade A eggs*
1 tsp vanilla essence (stir together with eggs)
60g sugar
100g All purpose flour
2tsp baking powder

Preheat oven 180C for 15 mins
Using double boiler method.. add in cooking chocolate, butter and cream cheese
Once melt..add in sugar and egg mixture.
Add in sifted flour and continue to stir till theres no lump
Pour batter into muffin case making sure its 3/4 full..
Top with almond slice and bake it for 20mins

Source: Dari Dapur Sempadan


Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

I tried this recipe. However, when I double boil the chocolate and the cream cheese, I notice that the cream cheese does not give a smooth batter, instead it becomes lumpy/curdles up. Do you know what is the problem?


Rima said...

Hi sally
Its been awhile since i last bake this muffin.. Did u use a rm temp cream cheese? Use a whisk to stir when u double boil ur mixture so that ur mixture dont curdle

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