Blunder Wednesday

Need I say more abt my cake??
Its now in the rubbish bin!!
Am very frustrated.. disappointed and
at the same time confused!!!!
The batter turned out well..
I follow the recipe to the T..
the only thing that i am not confident was my built in oven...

You see.. for more than 16yrs
I hv been baking using my microwave convection oven..
all i need to do is to click on convection button and
I am good to go..
now that I am using a built-in oven..
I hv been baking using upper and lower fire
(I hv to cover the top with aluminium foil after 30mins into baking cos cake turned brown easily)
I told hb and Tiara abt my problem and both told me that
I shud try to bake it using lower fire only...
soooo today I baked my cake using lower fire and what did i get??
a fully bake cake but with weird kinda of texture...
almost fudgy..
almost like steam cake texture...
was it because i baked it using lower fire??
lemme know???
the peanut butter filling didnt melt either.. hmmmm

Peanut butter and chocolate bundt cake recipe fm here


Anonymous said...

i pun ada masalah yg sama masa memula bli oven..Atas kek cepat hangus n tapi still x masak sepenuhnya. Until my friend told me to use center layer of oven instead the first layer and its really worked.FYI i pun guna upper n lower fire.

Rima said...

Mine fully cook cuma the top cepat brown aje.. so am sticking to what i am used to bef cuma nak jaga aje after 30mins into baking time..

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