This and that...

I love to take photos
but sometimes, I do go overboard.
I took 65 photos the past 2 days...
Yeah! 65!! And we didn't go nowhere.
Out of the 65, only half made through the cut.
I delete those that are blurred, bad lighting..bad photos..
BUT sometimes, it's so hard to delete them.
I have to ask myself how many photos of so and so do I need?

I've been trying to take a picture of Sonia doing silly things.
She started her nonsense a few days after we moved.
I've been putting the camera in my pocket for the past few days,
in the hopes to catch her being silly.
She probably thinks her mother is the camera or some spy.
I managed to catch some yesterday.

She decided to climb into the fish pond!

Below is how our basement look like.. theres a mini living area.. a guest room and 2 toilets.. a fish pond area and to the left is where my washing area is.. oh my pantry is next to my washing area (originally bomb shelter)

Okie thats it..
have a good weekend peeps..
I hv to go to Paragon cos Sonia has appt with Dr Kumar..


CS said...

Dalam pond dah ada fish ke Rima? Kalau dah ada, mesti lintang pukang ikan2 tu ketakutan, hehee..

SurayaCoghlan said...

So cheeky....:D

Rima said...

dah ade fish dah.. i think the fish must hv thought ade king kong attacked em' hehhe

ah ah.. i tak perasan pun she dah climb into the pond.. aleh aleh dah kat dalam pond

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