PMS week

Oh! I'm cranky today. It's that time of the month. Everyone drove me nuts today. I was about to disown my kids and throw my hubby out. Every little thing flipped me off. Oh yeah! I think if you say, "Boo!" to me right now, I'll probably chew your head off.

Anyway, thought I tell you a bit about myself. I'm usually patient but I can be impatient. Especially if people don't listen to my instructions. That's why I'm not a good teacher. Teaching will be the last profession I would pick for myself. I rather be the garbage woman. So, yesterday, I told my hubby to help me to clear Sasha (our cat) litter and food bef he goes to work.. his reply..

"If u dont want to wake up to the smell of Sasha "spoilt" food.. dont gv her wet food then"

Whoooooaaaaaaaaa!!! Wait a minute. You mean, u rather not gv her wet food then helping me? You mean, u cannot even help around anymore?

I am not ur maid ok!!
My super duper hb then said something that he shouldnt .. 
"I want to get u a maid.. u dont want.."
Did I say anything about wanting a maid especially??
He should have keep his mouth shut. I'm such a b****!!

Today wasnt any better.. had a super long day.. Sonia woke up early and was not in her best behaviour.. she only slept for 45mins in the afternoon and was cranky.. arghhh.. pls pls.. come soon already.. my body is aching and I cant stand myself either hahaha.. believe me.. if its not cos of my upcoming PMS .. I am a nice woman.. :op

Oh I am not in the mood to take pic of my steam fruit cake and also red bean pau that i've prepared earlier today.. sorry guys!


Hubby! said...

No matter what I love you my dear... :) (from your dearest hb who has to put up with your PMS sh**)

lemongrass said...

Hahahaha.. that's so funny :-). I'm exactly like you when I've got my PMS. My hubby can't say nor do anything right and the kids can't either. Every little thing will irk me and made me mad :-). I'm glad I'm not the only one though ;-)

Rima said...

Awwww.. Likewise dear.. I hv to put up with yours on daily basis too :ox

Other than that.. u and I are actually nice wifey right?? hahahha

CS said...

Hehe, we all are.., we all are... ;-) (untuk part nice wifey aje, part PMS tu ..hehe, it's history on my part sbb M dah tukar ke meno pulak)

Rima said...

LOL part dah tukar ke meno tu diff hal pulak tau.. different kind of pms hehehe

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