Mix Spice Layer Cake... with almonds

Been busy.. mom and dad came over.. i cooked kacang phool (medamme beans) for brunch.. cooked Hokkien noodles for dinner.. in between i managed to bake lapis rempah (moms fav layer cake) and also macaroons.. first time baking layer cake in my so ever virgin oven.. thank god it came out perfect..

Unlike mom.. i am not a big fan of spice layer cake.. i will bake it tho but i will not eat more than a slice.. nevertheless i will gv this recipe 4* simply cos the cake turned out perfect.. its soft and moist.. ty bro rozzan for sharing this wonderful recipe!

20 egg yolk (A grade)
5 egg white
13 oz caster sugar
18 oz butter
5 oz Hong Kong flour (if u dont hv u can use cake flour)
1/2 can of condense milk
2 oz almond powder
5 tsp mix spice
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence

(1) Sift flour
(2) Cream butter and condensed milk together till fluffy. Add in vanilla
(3) Beat egg whites with baking powder till fluffy.. add sugar bit by bit until stiff and then add in egg yolk one at a time and beat till fluffy.
(4) Mix butter mixture with egg mixture together and then fold in the flour and mix till evenly mixed. Add almond powder and mix spice.
(5) Grill in oven (180 - 200C) layer by layer (5 - 7 mins each layer) in a 8x8" sq. tin until all used up. For the last layer, when the top is 1/2 cooked, turn to oven heat and bake at normal oven temp. for another 15 mins.


CS said...

Rima, kek lapis berempah ni is actually the klasik one, kan? Pastu barulah ada lain2 versi of lapis..

Mind of I ask, you buat kueh mueh every now n then, habis semua dimakan or ada tak terbuang?

Rima said...

ah ah berempah ni yang paling classic ah but i learn how to like eating lapis was when i ate lapis prune.. my all time fav tu..

Nothing yg terbuang.. i hate wastage so i make sure i gv away to friends, moms or moms, aunts ke.. sapa sapa lah.. as long as i can finish it and bake more the next day hhheehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

I wanna attempt making cake lapis? I don't have almond powder. Can i skip that or is there anything i can add to replace it? Also, what is the life span if i put them in the refrigerator?

Thanks, Prima

Rima said...

Hi Prima
I am not too sure if i hv posted a normal mix spice layer cake recipe bef cos this recipe calls for almond powder and hence it gave different texture and taste compare to the one without almond powder... nevertheless u can gv it a try and let me know??

I usually dont keep layer cake for more than a month... i am pretty sure it can last longer.. just wrap it well or do like what i did... slice em and keep it in tupperware... if u wanna serve it.. let it stand in room temp for abt half an hour and ur good to go..


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