Kitchen is finally open!!

My kitchen is
in service.
Our furniture
came in and
the first thing I did,
was to open
the boxes to my pots and pans
my kitchen gadgets.
Let me tell you,
it's tough not to be
able to cook
What I did last weekend
was something that
i wasnt proud of..
fried fatty food!! yikes + yummy hhahaha

I finally cook
a "real meal"
on my stove
I made mac soup for Sonia
and even make
dirt cake for dessert.
I didnt cook again cos
we had to go to JB to
do our groceries shopping.
Am planning to bake something
tomorrow tho.. so..
and oh yes.. my new pantry
Its AWESOME.. i even have a fridge in
my pantry to store
all my baking stuff
of cos not forgetting
my ever trusted convection oven and
breadmaker :op
It felt good to be able to cook and bake.

Sonia's little kitchen area..


CS said...

Waah bestnya rumah baru esp the kitchen tu..

Ada plan buat housewarming ke?

SurayaCoghlan said...

Bestnye Rima, ada pantry besar..puas hati!

Watie Abdullah said...

Woohooo..Rima's kitchen is up again. More baking and cooking. Can't wait for that! I like Sonia's kitchen..:)

Rima said...

We are planning to do it next weekend.. hopefully by then semua dah settle.. almost done now.. for kitchen and pantry area.. i lagi suka "the clean look" :o)

Ah ah.. the pantry area is in the basement of our house.. so i terpaksalah turun naik tangga if i wanna bake in my kitchen... if i malas i hv the option to use my convection oven to bake.. after all dulu kat rumah lama.. i gunakan my convection oven aje to bake..

She loves it too.. when i'm cooking in the kitchen, i get to see her "cook" too hehhe

mrswongjowo said...

Wow..awesome..Kalau lah I ada kitchen macam tu willing to sleep in it!

Rima said...

mrswongjowo.. i love my new kitchen.. non clustered and everything is within reach except my pantry area ah.. terpaksa i turun tangga ke basement.. but its ok lah.. built up muscle kat kaki hehehe

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