Bundt 'r' Us

So... I went shopping yesterday
And Whoo-hooo!!!!!!
*sings* I am a happy girl!
I am a happy girl!!
I am a happy girl!!

Check it out..
I hope this will bring my mojo back.
If it doesnt, I dont know what could!!

So you think I'll be good for the next 6 months?
No bakeware shopping? Yes?

I know... I know
I shouldnt hv gotten 2 pans at one go
considering its a little bit pricey for a baking pan 
Hb saw I came out of the shop with a wide smile

Hb: "You got 2?"
Me: "err.. yeah.. why?
Hb: "Woahh thats closed to $***" 
Me: "So..??"

Case closed.. :op


CS said...

Mak datuk 'sikitnya' Rima? :-)
I am all excited here (actually). 3 digits in Spore dollar, berapalah agaknya kalau convert to RM? Close to 500 kot? tapi memang gerrram..

lemongrass said...

Wow, they are really gorgeous! Hopefully, we'll see loads of yummy cakes after this and make everyone drools, hehehe :-)

SurayaCoghlan said...

Oh my god!!! Rima...hahaha..tak pe tak pe..puas hati...i'm still waiting for mine in the courier..hehehe...pastu simpan buat tempat habuk just like the first one..kekeke.

Rima said...

Err abt there hehhe.. but ah its worth it cos it gives u good result.. plus i am addicted to nordic ware since i first got the bavarian bundt

I highly recommend nordicware bundt pan cos after i got my first (bavarian) i jatuh cinta gitu hehehe...

When i went there.. her new stock baru arrived.. so dapat lah i bertagak depan dia bila dia keluar kan all the latest bundt pan.. i love love their pumpkin patch pan and holiday mini loaves pan but ah bila dia keluar kan classic pan fm the box i terus ambil n pi bayar hahhaa

Cilantro said...

Hi Rima,

These are really gorgeous! Where did you purchase them. I will be going to Singapore soon and I want to get them too hehehe.....

Take Care!

Rima said...

Hi Cilantro
I got it fm Chong Trading at the Adelphi (next to funan) they are open during office hour and close on Sunday so make sure u make ur purchases early..


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