A breather...

I haven't been a good blogger lately
I had been really busy.
Super busy.

I had been on my own
for the past few days -
ferrying my girl around,
getting her to Go Go Bambini,
to play with other kiddoes,
Getting my baking stuff organised
for tmrw's baking project,
Paying month end bills,  
Weekly groceries shopping..
on top of
and just getting
everything done..

All these within a week... all this with my
super duper active Sonia..

And now,
it's almost over.
And hb will be home tomorrow.
I can breathe now.


SurayaCoghlan said...

Rima, yg gambar no.2 tu macam ada 3 Sonias, tiga-tiga pakai baju biru, tiga-tiga kepala bulat anak mat salleh...hikhik..

Rima said...

Sue.. to be honest waktu she ran to that play area.. i sampai pusing 3 times cos i thought i saw 3x Sonia.. the only differences.. out of the 3 of them.. sonia sorang aje yg girl hahahha

CS said...

Rima, imagine if you have triplets? Waahh.. baking kemana, mood kemana? Sure penat ek?

Rima said...

Triplets?? adoiiiii i cannot imagine looking after 3x Sonia.. sekarang aje mak dah tak boleh ang hahahha

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