Addicted to cookbooks..

I don't have a lot of cookbooks... although my hubby would like to differ. I would say, I have between 45-50.. err maybe more cookbooks. Not a lot... comparing to other home cooks. I know who have HUNDREDS...Repeat... HUNDREDS. So.. 45-50 cookbooks ain't much.

Now its probably the time you would say... "Rima, get your recipes online. Stop wasting your money. You don't need cookbooks." You are right. There are thousands of recipes online at my disposal. BUT nothing brings me more satisfaction and comfort than reading a good cookbook in bed or on my couch...with a blankie covering my slim, long legs hahhahhaah dream onnnnn!! Ahhh....HEAVEN... And yes, when I read a cookbook, I not only drool at the pictures, but fantasize at the ingredients... imagining how they would taste. Weird? Yeah, I'm quite a freak.

Today I got myself another cookbook.. well its not really a cookbook.. its a quick and easy kids' cake book by Sara Lewis.. well this book gives u great ideas on how to decorate kiddoes cakes with all sort of design.. I dont really know why I bought it.. its not like I have to bake Sonia's bday cake tmrw hehhe.. oh well.. My hubby has 'banned' me from buying anymore cookbooks. He swears I have every recipe on hand of every food and cakes in the world now. Yeah right! He knows he can't stop me.

I have a problem. My name is Rima and I am a cookbook addict :p

Soooo ok anyway... Today I managed to bake sultana cake bef we went to town for dinner.. I love this cake to bits and will usually try to bake it at least once every few months.. I added 1/2 tsp of cranberry extract this time round.. the smell .. oh la la.. u can get this recipe fm my previous post if u wanna gv this recipe a go .. happy baking!!

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Hi.. I am a SAHM to 2 kiddoes..19yr old boy n 2 year old girl.. met my Austrian hubby here in Singapore and hv been living here all my life... my love for baking started when i was 6mths preggie to my daughter, Sonia... my addiction to baking has not stop eversince.. I hope to learn as much as i can abt baking and decorating and then share it with u along the way..