My little angel has turned into... gulpppp.. she simply cant keep still.. running fm one end to another.. whats worst.. she has this habit of shouting if shes not happy!! grrr

Anyway we had our iftar at great eastern mall.. Ayu (my "kaki" at concorde htl) recommended us "Cozy house".. food was just alright.. small portion and not that cheap.. hb still prefer eating seafood at No 6 in JB.. we also went to Ampang Park to get a few Eid baju kurung (malay traditional dress) .. bloody cheap!! i likeeeeee .. we also took my parents to sogo area.. surprisingly.. it wasnt crowded at all.. hmmm

Tomorrow is gonna be a pretty long day as we have to take my parents to Selayang to visit mom's cousin and drive to Damansara for more shopping?? hehe oh oh and of cos.. to go and get our die die must have Petaling street burger ramly hehehe


mrswongjowo said...

Happy Shopping and tq for contributing to Malaysia economic boost! And enjoy your burger Ramly..Its been ages since I set my foot in Petaling Street! Have you tried The Curve near Bandar One Utama? They have lots of yummylicious restaurants...few shops specialize for babies..and of course now they're having Ramadhan Bazaar...go and check it out~!

SurayaCoghlan said... are going to Damansara..bestnye..Damansara, Taman Tun, One Utama, The Curves all those area around was my stepping ground tu..huhuh.

CS said...

Hi Rima, you are in KL right now? Nak tanya, where does that no. 6 seafood situated in JB? At Jln Petri ke?

Do you bring home Ramly.burger by the dozen back home to Spore?

Happy shopping then!

Rima said...

mrswongjowo.. the curves tu one of the malls that we hv to "cover" when we go to damansara.. its like we usually will do one utama, ikano, tesco and the curves hehhe

Sue.. nanti u balik malaysia boleh lah u go there.. setiap kali we're in KL.. hb always take us to damansara area.. we love eating at Ms Read.. the mushroom soup.. sodappp

Somuffins.. its at jalan persiaran senibong.. make sure u makan kat No 6.. the seafood is cheap and fresh.. sedap masakan nye!! By dozen?? tak ah.. we usually buy one each.. just to lepas kan gian heheh..

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