Reality Bites

And can't wait for the weekend
to come.
I hate getting back from
a trip.
The cleaning up.
The unpacking.
The getting-back-to-the-daily-humdrums-of-life.
The waking-up-early-to-get-things-done.

I'm still on vacation mode.
Slugging through the day

Anyhow.. our drive back fm kl was a smooth one.. we decided to check out at noon cos mom wanted to go to Angsana in JB.. she bought Eid cookies, bought curtains.. bought yadda yadda yadda.. the ramadhan bazaar there was HUGE.. lots of ppl.. mostly singaporean hahha.. anyway hb decided to drive back early to avoid the bad traffic (we were still stuck for more than an hour at jb custom) we finally reached mom's place right bef iftar and decided to hv it at moms with the food that we bought fm Angsana..

At moms... chilling after prayer...


CS said...

Banyak memborong Rima? I hate to pack and unpack, that's why I hardly 'move' any where further.

Rima said...

My mom yang banyak memborong hehhe.. i bought baking stuff and baju raya aje..

Tell me abt it.. i hate it so much sampai tak de mood.. bila dah pindah nak kemas pulak.. but eh.. bila tengok rumah baru.. semua penat hilang :o)

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