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Sorry... i've not been updating my blog.. nor i hv the time to try out new recipe.. I'm in the process of moving and 3/4 of my baking stuff is in a few boxes and 1/4 isn't. I have found myself super busy practically every day... packing and trying to do Eid visiting at the same time.. honestly?? I'm pooooffff.. i cannot depend on the man in this house cos hes blaaahhhh.. not gonna start complaining cos really i cant stand men at the moment! I'm moving in a week time and theres so many things that needs to be done...i hv not collect my new curtains either and i hv to do it by this weekend arggghhh..

I am doing little loads every day...but darn, it is tiring! oh well.. by the end of the day i cant run away fm it..can i? am just glad todate i hv done 3 bedrooms, the kitchen and 2 storerooms (we lived in a 5 ensuite bedrooms, 2 storerooms, a kitchen, a maidroom, living and dinning room kinda of house)

Anyway.. today is hb's birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! hmmm shud i bake him a cake?? err i better check if there is any cake pan left.. its weird to see an almost empty pantry heheh


SurayaCoghlan said...

sabar kak...sabar..:p

Rima said...

Sabar? not ramadhan macam susah gitu nak sabar hahaha

CS said...

Rima, I'm smiling ever so sweetly over your cute comment. Bulan Ramadhan aje boleh bersabar ek? hehe..

Rima said...

Hehe.. ah ah bulan ramadhan kan jin toncik kene gari so tahap kesabaran tu lebih sikit ah.. :ox

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