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Since my life is pretty uninteresting right now, I figured I'll share some of my views.

Plastic Surgery.

I really dont mind them. Hey, I might actually get a breast lift when it's down to my knees. We'll see. I'm a cheapskate. $10000 for a breast uplift, or a trip to Italy. I'll grab a good bra, hope for the best and pack my suitcase!

I dont mind others who want to get under the knife either. Hey, it's none of my business if some women want to look like a damn cat, it's their face. Not mine. If they think Z cup boobs will do wonders to their self esteem, go ahead. I just hope they know a good bra supplier. Finding D cup bras is hard enough, let alone Z cups!

But I do have issues with kids who have plastic surgery out of vanity. Hey, if they were born with a cleft lip or some other physical disability, I have no problems. Or if a child has an accident and needs plastic surgery. Sure. Go ahead. Ears clipped back? I have no issues either.

But to have a nose job at the age 16? Or a boob job? Hell no. I even take offence to parents who want their normal looking, healthy child to go under the knife just because they are displeased or unhappy with a child's physical feature. I'm sorry. I disagree. Why not praise the child, build his/her self esteem by not pointing out at that "physical flaw", instead embrace it.

If my daughter is flat chested, and want to have DD boobs, sure... she has to wait till shes 21. And of course, being the cheapskate I am, she has to pay for her own boobs. I definitely wont send her to the plastic surgeon at 16. In fact, I applaud her small boobs. Big boobs are a pain in the ass, at times!

Now talking about cheapskate.. honestly, its wrong for me to call myself a cheapskate.. u wanna know why?? at 40 (there there i spilled it out!!) I am still not a millionaire!! muuuahhahaha

Last night I read about 50 tips to frugal living.. woooaaahhh i think those real cheapskate people out there must be bloody rich by now!! pooofffffff

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