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Guten Morgen!!! I am feeling way much better than yesterday.. had a good sleep and been up since half past 4am.. i decided to start early today with err what else.. my love for baking and not packing hahha.. (since i am not in the mood to pack i better start baking for Eid)

Let me tell u something abt this suji recipe.. i got it fm Lyn's MIL.. for some reason i hv never trusted other suji recipe other than hers.. its like i will try other recipe but when it comes to baking for Eid.. i wud always stick to her recipe.. why?? simply cos this cookies wud be the first to finish.. simply cos our chinese and ang mo (caucasian) friends loved it.. simply cos its suji heheh.. so why wud i wanna use different recipe ey.. FYI this recipe has been in my 20+ years folder since like 8yrs ago.. since the day Lyn got married to my BIL hehhe

1 small can of QBB ghee (150g)
2 1/2 cups flour (add more if ur dough is still too soft) 
1 cup of icing sugar
1/2 tsp salt

With a wooden spatula, cream ghee with icing sugar till combined
Add sifted flour and salt bit by bit (pls add 2 cups first and see if texture is too soft .. if so add another 1/2 cup a little at a time till u get the right texture) 
Roll dough into small balls and place it into papercups (sometimes i wud leave it as it is.. depending on my mood :op)
Place cut cherries on top and bake in a preheated oven of 160C for abt 15mins
(u get abt 75pcs out of this recipe)


mrswongjowo said...

Another killer cookies eh...wishing got the energy like yours!.....When r u moving?...

Rima said...

Yep.. another killer cookies.. maklum i dah keluar kan kitab baking i yg dah 20yrs old tu hehhe.. i am moving at the end of the month.. banyak yg perlu di pack.. malas betul lah..

Pssst u want more energy?? i was like u bef.. but after taking thermal bust fm gnc.. my energy level tahap max hehhe

SurayaCoghlan said...

Rima..nanti u pindah pokok pandan(right?) u ni kena tinggal la lebat and subur betul!!

Rima said...

Sue.. ah ah tu pokok pandan i.. memang lebat and easy maintainence.. tak payah nak siram siram..

I terpaksa tinggal kan.. sayang but what to do.. we are moving to a cluster house (landed property with condo facilities) so tak de chance lah i nak tanam pokok pandan and pisang kat tanah unless i tanam kat pasu hehe

Cakap cakap pasal pindah.. macam sedih pulak.. sob sob

Yan said...

Rima, thanks for sharing this recipe. My mom is not a fan of suji but when i forced her to try one that i baked last weekend, she absolutely love it. muahahaha... jahat ek siap paksa mak makan. And all my kids love it too. yummm...

Rima said...

LOL Yan.. paksa mak makan memang kerja anak perempuan.. I always force my mom to try hehhe.. she will normally dgn rela hati akan mencubanye :o)

Dee said...

hello kak. stumbled upon ur site while googling for suji recipes. was wondering.. did u use plain or self-raising flour in this recipe? cause theres no baking soda/powder used.

Rima said...

Yes i used plain flour.. no baking soda or powder added.. last year i did another type of suji.. everyone loved that and i will be baking it again this year using that recipe..

Dee said...

so which recipe lebih sedap? cause kalau tak salah theres 3 suji recipes in ur site.

Rima said...

Both pun sedap.. but i personally suka yg ini

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