Boredom kills the cat!

Yesterday i spent most of my time here at the Shangri-La.. hb was out by 7am for the conference.. so as always i hv to take Sonia for breakfast... we later went to (Grand) Plaza Indonesia for lunch and also to a bookstore.. pretty boring cos thats the nearest mall i cud take her.. hb later came back for 5mins to see Sonia and went out again for dinner appt and by the time he got back it was almost 11pm and Sonia was fast asleep...

Today is gonna be another long day.. hb had gone early again (tho i saw others still having bfast.. he and work = married for life! and yes i am complaining dear hahha) after breakfast, i took Sonia for a swim and now shes sleeping.. not too sure if  i wanna take a cab again and go to the same mall.. probably just chill and watch telly... oh how i wish i'm in bkk now lol... so much to see... so much to shop and no time to blog hahhahaaa

I found a few recipes that i am gonna try when i get home... after a few days of not baking and not doing anything... i realised that i am not fit to be a "tai tai" aka "ma'am" hahhahha... am bored and my body is aching...

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Hi.. I am a SAHM to 2 kiddoes..19yr old boy n 2 year old girl.. met my Austrian hubby here in Singapore and hv been living here all my life... my love for baking started when i was 6mths preggie to my daughter, Sonia... my addiction to baking has not stop eversince.. I hope to learn as much as i can abt baking and decorating and then share it with u along the way..