Soooo, I have a confession.
I'm OCD when it comes to cooking.
A bit...
Well, a lot actually!
I have a routine going on.
And I'll go NUTS if this is not done.

First, I HAVE to clean the kitchen before I cook.
That includes wiping the counters and putting everything in place.
And oh, I make sure I hv a clean washing sink too
You ask why
when I'm gonna dirty the kitchen
again when I cook.
Don't ask...I just can't cook in
a dirty, unorganised kitchen.
Everything has to be clean and in place.

When everything is clean, the cooking starts.
However, when I cook, I like to be neat
and clean too.
That means, no accidental spills,
crumbs on the floor...
all this stuff will drive me CRAZY.
I'll have two kitchen towels on my counter
and IF...big IF
coz I'm anal about spilling stuff,
If I do spill something, I have to wipe and clean it
Yeah... OCD.... Anal.
When I stir, everything stays in the bowl.
When I scoop, I make sure I dont spill anything out.
When I cut and chop,
nothing falls on the floor.

That's why my hb doesnt help me to cook,
even tho he can cook
Its just that I can't stand the messiness
he creates.

He wud always remind me fm time to time that 
It's OK not to vacumn and mop the floor every single day
Err how to?? its like not taking shower twice a day! 
I know... I know..
I'm anal... BUT not as bad as
to separate things out into colors before I eat them
(and then eat them by colors)
like M&M, Skittles, etc...


SurayaCoghlan said...

oh my god, Rima!! You're so not going to come to my place..hahaha..u will go berserk!!

My MIL is OCD too. Once, she came to my place when i was away, and cleaned the whole house, spotless!! I really thanked her for that though...hihihi.

CS said...

Salam Rima. Bloghop from LG's.

I senyum aje baca abt your OCD. I have a bit and daughter has it too. Other people wouldn't have understood it .. It's not that we like, but?? I wld say yours is quite severe.
P/S: I tergoda with your bubur som som.

Rima said...

Eh Sue.. bukan senang tau MIL nak tolong kemas rumah!.. i think my MIL lagi teruk tau.. dolo dolo bef i got married to my hb, i used to keep their apartment here in good shape cos they're in adelaide kan and only come to sg a few times a year.. dah tu bila my super duper MIL datang, she can tell me.. eh Rima when u clean the toilet make sure u clean it properly cos dia punya super duper hb tu sensitive skin dia.. i was like.. geeeshhhh OCD orang tua ni!!

Eh dont worry lah.. if i go to ur place.. i will behave one hahahha

Rima said...

Salam SoMuffins.. ah ah honestly? i think there's a bit in everyone whether we notice it or not.. :o)

SurayaCoghlan said...

Wah..Rima, boleh tahan MIL you tu..hehehe..mine pulak siap tanye i ada tak baju kotor untuk dia basuhkan (bukan basuh aje, siap iron and lipat cantik2)..tak tau lah tahap OCD jenis apa tu?

Rima said...

Sue.. Tahu tak pe hehhe.. nasib baik lah we tak geng sangat dgn my PIL..

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