A sick puppy...

I hv not been baking anything.. err ok ok yesterday i did bake something to release stress but my cake turned out to be one ugly cake.. moral of the story... bake with love and not when ur stress hahahaa

I had a full on weekend.. eer well besides celebrating our country 44th National Day... My little Sonia is sick... u see, she hardly falls sick and when she does i feel helpless and emotional... it hurts me to see her eating and drinking less milk .. :( 

It all started a couple of weeks ago when i saw how busy hb was with work... he wud get up early... go to the station (hes the man behind the largest natural gas station in the world) and wud stay in the sun with his technicians.. not that i am against him working... hey its better to hv work than none!.. its more abt him not taking care of his health? whats worst is that he wud skip (he said he forgot) lunch or hv a quick bite just so he cud start work again...

After we got back fm Jkt... i knew somehow that he will fall sick (maybe cos i know very well how his body works!) i had warned him to take it easy but all i got was that irritating look fm him... oh well whatever!! sure enough... last weekend he falls sick... he didnt wanna go always... and hes off to work again today... at the same time Sonia fall sick yesterday... shes running a fever and didnt sleep well last night... tks to hb now i hv to take her to Paragon to see Dr Kumar.. grrrrrrr

On a lighter note... we found a new home... we hv been looking at houses and fell in love with this particular one... after a few weeks of negotiating.. we finally got what we wanted and had place a deposit on it... alhamdulillah... we are moving out end sept... first week of oct!! yippieeee (eeekk with ramadhan and Eid approaching... i'm gonna be one busy woman!)


CTZee said...

Hi Rima,

I'm reading through your blogs. Didn't I said I'm hooked. So I'm collecting a few recipes to bake especially being 'stranded' indoors on Snow Days.

What a coincidence! We go to Dr Kumar too when we're in Singapore. Somehow the heat in Singapore never fails to create havoc on our health especially my lil one.

Thought I'd dropped by & said "Hi".

Ciao ...Z

Rima said...

Hi Z
Oh really?? small world ey.. i guess Dr Kumar is pretty well known.. we got to know him thru my gynae.. anyway good to see u here often.. i loikeee heheh

How old is ur little one now?

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