Pretty Rainbow Jelly


Our desert for today's iftar.. Rainbow jelly.. honestly? this is one of "must have" whenever we hv bbq or family gathering at our place.. i also did it for mom's center table desert during Eid last year.. was a big hit simply cos its refreshing to eat besides ur typical cookies and cakes!

Its fairly simple to prepare.. all u need to remember is to make sure ur layer is properly set bef pouring next layer.. and for today, I used 1/2 recipe...

20 gm instant jelly
340 gm sugar
1725 ml water
6-8 pandan leaves

20 gm instant jelly
340 gm sugar
1725 ml coconut milk (use 1 litre KARA + 725ml water)
1 tsp salt

Baking tin..(9x9x3")(I used silicon type and heart shape pan)
Purple, yellow, red, green (whatever colour u prefer)

Cook A and B seperately till boil
Use 230ml for each layer of coconut and colour jelly mixture
Pour layer by layer .. coconut mixture first follow by the colour of ur choice jelly mixture.. (remember to make sure ur jelly is set before pouring another layer)
Once done.. let it cool and refridgerate for abt 2hrs

Note: Make sure A and B mixture is always on low fire as it will prevent jelly fm setting while layering jelly..

Source: Puan Asmah Laili


Blessed Homemaker said...

This is so pretty! I've tried making a rainbow agar agar but gave up in the end. Simply too time consuming. Yours look great!

Rima said...

Ty Blessed Homemaker.. yes its time consuming but u get some kinda satisfaction once u see the end product hehe.. let me gv u some tip.. place ur agar agar close to ur fan that way u dont hv to wait that long for every layer to dry :o)

Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks for your tip!

intan said...

i,ve tried this b4 but ended up not satisfied w the colours mixed n choosen

Rima said...

Sorry to hear that.. hopefully the colour will turn out better next time :o)

Anonymous said...

how did you get the jelly so perfectly out of the mold?

Rima said...

wud appreciate if u cud sign off with ur name.. wet ur mould bef u use it ..that will help in getting a perfect jelly out of the mould..

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