Monkey Girl

That's what I called my 17 months old.
She is a handful.
I dont remember my son 
being as mischievious and playful
not to mention being as active and curious
as Sonia is right now.
My older boy is pretty mild. 
I didnt even need to childproof
my cabinets when Hairi was a baby
because he didnt get into it at all.
He's just as happy sitting
in his playpen and playing quietly. 
No complaints.
With my youngest,
however, I couldnt even put her
in her crib for 10 mins,
before she tries to climb out of it.

Sonia learned to climb
before she could even walk.
She was crawling one day and
the next thing I know,
she was going up the stairs.
went the safety gate.
No more climbing up the stairs for her.
The minute she learned to stand,
she tried to climb onto the couch.
When she started to walk she used her ikea stool, 
to climb onto tables and chairs.
Oh yeah.
She'll be pushing just abt anything 
across the living room to my dining room, 
climb up onto my dining chair
(she stopped doing it now that we pushed all chairs close to the table)

No more climbing for her.
Or so,
we thought. 

We have a safety gate for the stairs,
so that she couldnt get into it.
she learned other ways
to climb upstairs.
She wud keep a close watch to whoever
might hv forgotten to close the gate
and before u knew it.. shes already sitting on
the staircase... smiling..

There is another big problem going on
She would always go to the kitchen whenever there is someone
Before i knew it..
she wud "repack" all my baking tray in my pantry

I'm out of ideas to keep her safe.
Oh yeah.
She has fallen several times on her bum.
But that doesnt stop her.
All I could hope for is the best,
and try to keep dangerous and sharp items
off the tables and counters.
Because there is no stopping to this girl.
Thank goodness there is still
lamps on our side tables
(we hv to keep a close watch all the time)
Nothing on our dining table.
No plates,
no table runner.

I just hope she doesnt
learn to push
the tables next..
err wait!
I remember she pushed a side table with glass top
when we were in Brisbane
and the worst thing happened..
the table fell on the floor and broke
the glass  top into thousand pieces..
yikes u dont want to know how my heart just
literally stopped!

BUT no matter what ..
shes our little angel..
shes a fast learner and shes smart 
she will do simple task if u ask her to..  
she can say a few words now
and talking/babbling non stop!
she loves watching telly especially playhouse disney
and best of all..
she loves to gv us kisses.. lots and lots of kisses :o)


mrswongjowo said...

Everything about Sonia sama je dengan my daughter..The 3 boys before her was easy to handle. I think our age contribute to the factor..:) Matured moms produced matured babies..

SurayaCoghlan said...

Cheeky little monkey...i know that type...the one that tickles you in the heart..kalau nak marah pun tak jadi nak marah..

Rima said...

That is so true mrswongjowo.. smarter too heheh

Sue.. marah tetap marah punya unlike my hb.. he normally will explain and explain and explain.. bila nak game macam tu hahhaha

CS said...

Rima, my Mak used to call me 'monyet punya budak' whenever I was in my cheeky mood. Kebetulan I was born dlm tahun Monyet.

Hope you dont mind my peeping thru all your nice recipes, tqv. BTW, Asmah Laily was a household name back then when I was in JB (like a few decades ago).

Rima said...

Somuffins.. when i was young.. my mom pun used to call me that heheh..

U can peep thru.. no worries.. Asmah Laili is still the household name here.. belum retire lagi.. she has a few cook books under her name too..

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