Indonesia.. Land of Heritage..

Had a long day and i am gonna keep it short... I am in the land of the Spice Islands, and the Dutch East Indies Company colonials... the country that has a special meaning to me cos both my grandparents were born here and yes yes... my birth cert stated Javanese as my race.. so that makes me an honorary Javanese woman! hahha

We flew into Jakarta this morning and will be here till next week... the weather today was super hot... and the traffic... blaaaaa... nothing new actually... am used to the "machap" (bad traffic) here...  tomorrow we are planning to start the day early ... we figure we better make use of our weekend here since hb will be busy with work fm monday onwards... so ok... will load pics later... gute nacht!!


mrswongjowo said...

I miss jakarta...........the tv channel, Anggerik Mall and of coures the busy Mangga the way you tak duduk kat JW Marriot kan....? Going to miss your baking la for one week? Enjoooooyyy

Rima said...

Yeah... who doesnt eh but i hate the traffic here... other than that everything else is good... we are staying at the Shangri La :o)

Honestly between bkk and jkt... i still prefer bkk cos its easy for me to get fm one place to another... bkk is like my 2nd home... i can get fm one place to another by train on my own w/o any probs plus pssstt i hv thai blood in me cos my grandparents fm mom side is siam and ambon so there u go... i hv a siam, ambon and javanese blood in me and my daughter has siam, ambon, javanese and austrian blood in her phewww long long list of heritage hahahha

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