Dont know how to put thoughts into words... right now i realised that my boy... yes my boy.. Hairi... hes all grown up... hes gonna be 19 in a few months time... back then at that age.. i was already engaged to his dad... yep yep i got married early and had him when i was 20yrs old... hmmm that makes me err err hahha ..

Does he has a gf?? hehhe yeah i see my boy a happy puppy this couple of months... i see him going thru phases... he got a girl... he got dumped... found a new gf again... dont know what happened... and now hes seeing someone.. i guess this time round its different, hes on the phone all the time and out and abt every weekend!! of cos he didnt tell me anything... but i hv my ways hehhe... i know... i am his mother after all... eventho at times he pissed me off, i hv no regrets having him in my life.. hes there with me alright... i make sure he felt secure and safe when i was at my worst 10yrs ago... oh well i am so glad both Hairi and I pulled it thru.. am glad that hb was there when i needed someone to talk to back then... hb was there to make sure Hairi got into Aerospace Technology... i am glad that hairi is able to talk to his dad whenever he wants to (eventho his dad does the calls all the time) and has hb to talk to at home to... oh how time past so fast... and now I am busy with my little princess.. i just hope that i will live to see her grow into a fine woman... Insya'Allah..

We're flying back to S'pore this evening... leaving hotel as soon as hb is done with his meetings... so see ya back in my little comfort zone soon.. 

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