Chocolate Serikaya Lapis Kuih

We went into JB pretty early yesterday... hb decided to take mom, dad and also lyn and kiddoes along.. we took them to Jusco and guess who spend the most?? heheh dont look at me.. it wasnt me! mom got into Hari Raya spirit and bought lots of household stuff! she later told me to keep all the things in my house.. hmmm mom.. mom... u think dad wont find out?? hahah

Anyway we later drove to my uncle's place and stayed till late.. was a good get together.. good to catch up with my aunts and uncles..  

So ok as promised.. recipe of the kuih that i've prepared for the occassion.. hb doesnt really like the taste cos he said it doesnt taste like nyonya lapis.. err honey?? this is not nyonya lapis to begin with? (sorry for the ugly pic of kuih)

300g flour
60g Hoen Kwee flour
360g sugar
2 eggs
1500ml coconut milk(i used 500ml KARA coconut milk + 1050ml water)
1/2 tsp salt
50 ml coconut milk (fm the 1550 coconut milk)
25g cocoa powder
a few drop of yellow colouring

Heat steamer and greased 11" round pan with oil.. (place pan into steamer)
Mix flour, hoen kwee, salt, sugar, eggs and 1500ml coconut milk in a big bowl
Mix cocoa powder and 50ml coconut milk in different bowl
Sieve flour/coconut milk mixture and divide into 2 portion, adding cocoa mixture into one and yellow colouring into another portion
Pour yellow and chocolate mixture alternately (each layer steam for abt 5 mins) till last layer - u dont hv to take ur pan out of steamer for each layer.. just pour straight)
Steam last layer for a further 20mins
Let kuih cool before slicing

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