Chocolate Mousse Brownie

If I had to tell you what my sin was...I'd probably say: Gluttony.

Gluttony according to the dictionary is over-indulgence and over-consumption of food and drink.. Oh yeah... That describes me well...I eat quite a bit.. well i dont really eat rice everyday but i loveeee my bread ...drink lots.. not mineral water kind of drink but i hv to drink something sweet.. be it juice or soda.. caffeine is a must in Rima Aue daily routine lol... And if you haven't noticed yet, I have a sweet tooth... A big sweet tooth.

I love my desserts too much. That probably explained why I'm not a size 2...Or a size 6...(In case you are interested, I'm a size err 10 ..On good days, I could squeeze my fat ass into a size 8 heheh... That's pretty rare though :op)

I'm not into candy...Not into chips... But give me a slice of cheesecake and I could probably down it faster than you can say... "Jack Johnson" muahahah 


I love anything that has mousses too.. I made these for my hb n kids... For real (ok..who am I kidding?? I admit.. I'm part of the reason too) I love to make deserts for them. Somehow, because it's homemade, I dont feel as guilty giving all that sugar to them.

It's made with loveeee... So, that's ok right?? *shrug* wink wink 

45g butter
1 large egg
65g sugar
50g flour*
1/2 tsp baking powder*
1 tbsp cocoa powder - sieve

140g cooking chocolate
1 tbsp gelatine
100 ml water
2 egg white
2oog whipping cream
40g sugar

Preheated oven 190C.. greased a 7" round pan.. sieve flour, baking powder and cocoa powder
Using stand mixer.. beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add egg and continue to beat for abt 4mins on high speed
Lower speed and add in flour mixture in 3 addition
Pour batter and baked on preheated oven of 190C for 15mins

Add gelatine into 100ml water and let it sit for 5mins
Melt cooking chocolate using double boiler method.. once melted add in gelatine and stir using a fork.. let mixture cool and put it aside
In another bowl.. Whipped egg white in till foamy.. add sugar and beat till stiff peak.. put it aside
In another bowl.. beat whipped cream till thicken.
Mix whipped cream mixture into chocolate mixture.. add both mixture into egg white mixture and stir till well combine
Pour mousse onto brownie and refrigerate for 2hrs before serving.. dust with cocoa powder if u like..

Note: I baked my brownie in a 6" square pan.. once cool i cut using circle ring into 4 big circles for big remekins.. 2 smaller circle for my smaller remikins.. place brownies into remekins dish and pour mousse over it..

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