Chocolate Marble Chiffon

Busy busy... mom and dad came over... sis and family came over to visit... hahhaha its as tho we just got back fm performing our haj... err who knows ey... someday... Insya'allah... I was in Madina/Mecca with Hairi like 9yrs ago...  would loveee to go there again with hb and Sonia ...

So this was the first recipe in my long list of "what to bake" when i get back home... texture/ taste... superb... the best chiffon recipe that i've ever tried and the cake is  gone now... not even a slice left lol

Egg white mixture:
180g egg whites
90g caster sugar
10g corn flour

Egg yolk mixtures:
70g egg yolks
60g water
60g vegetable oil
70g + 10g plain flour
20g caster sugar
8g cocoa powder

Mix all the egg yolks, water, oil together until well combined. Add in the 70g of flour and the 20g of sugar, mix everything well combine and no lumps left.
Measure the egg yolk mixture and divide it into equal quantities of two portions in separate mixing bowl.
Mix 10g of the flour into a bowl of egg yolk mixture and mix 8g of cocoa powder into another bowl of egg yolk mixture.
Beat the egg whites in a clean large bowl until peak foam. Gradually add in sugar, one tablespoon at a time. Then finally add in corn flour. Make sure the corn flour mix well in the egg mixture. The egg whites mixture should be peak foam, smooth and shiny. Gently fold in half of the egg whites mixture into the cocoa egg yolks mixture and plain mixture accordingly until well combine. (Note: This stage took some times and patient and practice. Make sure all the egg whites mixture well combine with the egg yolks mixture without breaking the egg whites. Little egg whites left will cause a big hole in the cake during baking. And, over mixing will cause it hardly rise during the baking.)
Pour the well mix mixture into a 21cm chiffon cake tin and bake at a 170'C preheated oven for 50 - 55 minutes. After baked, let the baked cake turn upside down for cooling before unmold it. Enjoy this supper soft and fluffy chiffon cake!

Source: Kitchen Corner

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