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Bubur Cha Cha

Booo Hooo.. this is the one an only bowl of desert that i get to eat cos u wanna know why??? I forgot to turn off the fire and only realised when i smelt something burning!! sob sob sob


mrswongjowo said...

Pity should try the bubur gunting...:)..I ve printed the apple pie recipe..will study it over the weekend...nak buat bz kat rumah MIL he..he...

Rima said...

Bubur gunting? what is that? not common among singaporean tu..

U wanna do business at ur MIL place? hehhe good lah! long long time ago i was just like u... into baking business.. each time ramadhan and chinese new year, i lah orang yg paling busy hehhe.. i am no longer into baking business tho.. stopped 5yrs ago.. but every single year ppl will still call to ask if i take orders for raya... eh talking abt cookies... i hv not been baking my ever so famous chocolate chip cookies for years... dont know why.. busy trying out new recipe agaknye.. maybe someday i shud and u can gv it a try

SurayaCoghlan said...

Rima..looks so delicious..tu yg sampai terlupa tutup api tu ye..hehe.

Rima said...

Hehe.. tak de rezki lah... i masak kat big pot lagi cos niat di hati nak kasi my mom and sister but after i scoop a bowl for myself i lupa pulak nak mati kan api.. satu rumah bau terbakar! :o(

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