Bread n Butter Biscuit

Remember this?? hehhe my unplanned project... one way to make use of ur nearly expiry bread.. its simple and kids (ahem.. oldies too) love it!!

A loaf of bread (cut all edges)
Butter (soft)

Spread butter and add a tsp (more if u like) of sugar on each bread
Bake on preheated oven of 180C for 15mins


mrswongjowo said...

Rima..I am in the middle of mixing all the bahan2 to do your cookies...need to check w you no need to put baking powder eh? ... The one w almong flakes tu...

Rima said...

Oh ya allah... sorry dear... i was so so busy today.. my parents came... my sisters came.. macam i balik haji jadinye hahhah.. thats why i tak sempat lagi update my blog...i hope ur cookies turn out good... ah ah memang tak yah pakai any baking powder pun.. cookiesnye krap krup cos of nestum...

Ribbon and Circus said...

Hi, salam Rima, this recipe totally brought me back to my childhood memories. Thanks for sharing it. I baked it, hangus sket, tp still yummeh! he he My boy demam, tu yg terlajak tu..

Rima said...

Salam Ribbon Clown.. i know.. dah lama tak buat .. nanti i akan buat petang ni lah hehehe

Hope ur son is better now.. 2wks ago my daughter also sakit :o(

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