Alwani Lapis Cake

Its sunday and Rima is baking?? hehhe not the norm ey.. well today is special... (sure sure everyday must be super special cos u bake every single day Rima haha) today we finally got the paper finalised for our new home... hopefully its going to be smooth transaction.. also since mom didnt get to taste my cake yesterday,  i decided to make her another type of serawak steam cake .. 

And to sis Wati.. this is another cake recipe that u can try out using ur steamer... so no more excuses ey.. u WILL bake ur own cake for Eid ok! hehehe

1 cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup horlicks
5 grade A eggs
1/2 cup caster sugar
200g marjerin (i used unsalted butter and add 1/4 tsp salt to flour)
1/3 cup condense milk
1/3 cup black raisins
1tsp vanilla essence
Orange, red and green colouring

Heat steamer.. greased 6" cake pan (i use false bottom cake pan, if u dont hv one.. place a baking sheet to fit and greased cake pan)
Sieve flour. salt and horlicks in a big bowl and set it aside
Mix raisins and 1tsp of flour in a small bowl and set it aside
Using stand mixer.. beat butter and sugar till thick and fluffy
Add egg one at a time (1 min each addition)
Add in condense milk and continue to beat on low speed
Add in flour using rubber spatula
Add vanilla and continue to stir
Divide batter into 3 portions.. add each colouring to each portion
Pour red mixture and throw in raisins.. steam it for 7 mins (mine was 10mins) on high fire
Next pour in green mixture and throw in raisins.. steam for 15 mins
Pour the last layer and throw in raisins.. steam for a further 1hr or till cake cook

Source: Teratak mini dayang jack


mrswongjowo said...

Definitely I will try this one tapi kena gi cari Horlicks dulu la...By the way kalau kek steam no need to put paper ke? Just greased dgn butter? Tak lekat ke?

Rima said...

Hmm so far alhamdullilah.. but again i am using false bottom cake pan that i bought fm bangkok the other day.. maybe if u takut melekat.. u use paper ok then greased it.. or another way u can always try to grease and tabur flour if u tak de baking paper..

SurayaCoghlan said...

wow Rima..interestingnye cake ni..oh, by the way, nanti bila u datang Adelaide kita gi jalan2 ok..

Rima said...

ah ah.. ni nak sambut ramadhan.. kejam kelip dah nak shawal.. so thought i try out a few hari raya type of cake hehehe

Ok cannn... usually when hb is busy with meetings.. i am either alone or his friends will hang out with me and they are all guys.. so for a change i hv someone female to hang out with.. lagi best kan.. hehehe

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