Special Coffee Bun aka Mexican Bun

Today i feel like baking something with coffee... cant bake anything buttery since i am only left with 120g of butter so decided to do Coffee Bun aka Mexican Bun... Hairi goes like "woooaaahhhhhh nice mama" after taking a bite... i will hv to wait till later cos i am fasting today... yeehhhhaaa finally i am done with fasting... tomorrow can celebrate Eid hahahha

Here i attached 2 recipe which i hv tried... i've always been using aunty yo recipe but today i thought i gv Lilydvalley recipe a try... the topping recipe is fm Cikwan

500 gm bread flour (i used 250g bread flour and 250g all purpose flour)
2 tsp bread improver
20 gm milk powder
75 gm sugar
3 tsp dry yeast
1 tsp salt
1 egg (mix with fork)
250 ml water or milk (if ur using milk u dont hv to add milk powder)
60g butter (i used unsalted)

60gm butter (soften)
50gm sugar (I used icing sugar) 
1 egg
pinch of salt
85gm flour
1 tbsp nescafe mix with 1tbsp hot water
1 tsp coffee essence (i used mocha coffee paste)

cream cheese (cut into small cubes - 10g each)


Heres the recipe fm Aunty Yo blogs

Bread Dough:
500 gm. Bread flour
30 gm. Milk Powder
11 gm. Instant Yeast
50 gm. Sugar
2 eggs
220 ml. water
70 gm. unsalted butter
1 tsp. salt

160 gm. Salted butter - diced into 16 pieces (about 10 gm. each) - chilled

70 gm. Butter
100 gm. icing sugar
1 Tbsp. Instant Coffee (Nescafe) dissolved in 1 Tbsp. Hot Water
1 beaten egg
85 gm. Plain flour
20 gm. Milk Powder
1 tsp. coffee Paste

(1) Put all the bread dough ingredients (except butter) into a mixer or bread machine and beat for about 10 mins till a dough is formed.
(2) Add in Butter and continue kneading till a smooth pliable dough is formed.
(3) Roll into a ball , cover and rest for 1 hour.
(4) For topping: Stir the butter and icing sugar till creamy. Gradually pour in beaten egg and stir till smooth. Pour in the rest of the ingredients and stir till smooth. Fill into a piping bag.
(5) Weigh and scale the proved dough into 60 gm. each. Roll into balls and let it rest for 10 mins.
(6) Wrap dough with the chilled butter and seal the ends tightly because the butter will cause it to split open during proving.
(7) Prove for 45 mins. till doubled in size.
(8) Pipe topping on top of each buns in a coiling motion.
(9) Bake at 180C for about 12 mins. till buns are crispy on top.
(10) Cool on cooling rack.


mrswongjowo said...

Rima..this is Roti Boy right? I will try on Saturday! How do you cope with a little baby and baking? I am done with Marble Cheese Brownies..luv it..Danke..:)

Rima said...

Bitte Schoen! glad u like it as much as we did..

Ah ah... special coffee bun, mexican bun, roti boy, papa roti etc etc... all of them same aje... i've tried and like both recipe except aunty yo's recipe topping nye meleket sikit lah but taste wise sedap.. filling pula i prefer butter heheh..

How?? the moment she falls asleep i pun apa lagi, macam lipas kudung! cook, clean and bake hahah but if i wanna bake roti i will usually dump ingredients into my breadmaker bef she sleeps, waktu dia watch telly..

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