Err well this is what i've been up to... i think the last time i prepare lopes on my own was like 20 odd yrs ago... eeekkkksss 20 odd yrs ago?? hhahhaaa ur getting there Rima... the golden age group... hahhaa well let me just explain... i learnt how to cook at a tender age of 12.. as far as i cud remember... chicken rice was the first dish that was taught by mom... by 16 i know how to cook all sort of dishes.. well i had to since i hv to look after both my sisters while mom is out running a food stall.. which means i learn how to prepare kuih when i was a teenager... so there u go... now i feel better... i feel younger and ALIVE! muahhahahaha

Ok ok back to lopes, i dont know why i decided on lopes... the fact that i had to soak glutinous rice for 3hrs... the fact that i had to "fold" it... and the fact that i had to boiled it for 2hrs or so... makes me wonder... is it worth it?? i cud hv just ask dad or hb to buy me a few slices... but i didnt... oh well... i get 30pcs out of it and get to share it with mom... sooo its worth it then...

1kg glutinous rice
50g abuchang (lye or lye water)
Banana leaves
Enough rafia strings

Sugar syrup
500g palm sugar
300ml water
4tbsp sugar

Fresh grated coconut
pandan leaves
1/4 tsp salt

Soak glutinous rice for 3hrs with abu chang
Discard water and wait till rice slightly dry
Cut banana leaves into 30cm x 15cm strips and dip in hot water for a few mins so as to make it soft.. wipe clean
Fold banana leaves like how u prepare samosa... fill in 2 3tbsp of glutinous rice and continue to fold (tightly)to form triangle shape
Stack 3 lopes and tie it with rafia string tightly
Once done place lopes into a big pot, pour water to slightly abv lopes and boil it for 2 to 3hrs...cover pot making sure of the water level

Sugar syrup
Boil palm sugar, water and sugar till slightly thicken

Steam fresh grated coconuts with pandan leaves
Add salt to it


Nuqman Harris Sharmizi said...

sis, abu chang tu aper?

Rima said...

Abu chang.. hmm tak tahu if ade jual kat sana or not.. it as hard as a rock.. putih in colour.. used mainly untuk melembut kan sotong kering or buat lopis ni.. can u find lye water there?? u can use that if tak de abu chang

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