Lapis Nyonya

A super simple kuih that u can prepare anytime of the day... i did it an hr before we went to moms place today.. wish i cud get a better pic tho.. was late and cud only slice and take pics there... oh well.. its better than nothing..

300g rice flour
300g tapioca flour
550-600g sugar
1100ml thin coconut milk
740ml thick coconut milk
1 tsp salt
3 pandan leaves
red, yellow, green colouring (i used all sorts heheh)

** For thick coconut, i used 200ml KARA with 540ml water
** For thin coconut milk, i used 100ml KARA with 1000ml water

1. Heat steamer, place 11 x 11 square pan (i used 8 x 8) in steamer (oiled it)
2. In a big bowl, add both rice and tapioca flour and add thick coconut milk into it, stir well and put it aside
3. In cooking pot, bring to boil, sugar, salt, thin coconut milk and pandan leaves. Mix well and pour into flour mixture.
4. Sieve and divide mixture into several bowl and add colour. (i didnt divide, just scoop 1 1/2 cup of mixture in a small bowl and add whatever colour i like, that way i dont hv to do lots of washing)
5. Steam each layer for 5mins... last layer for 20mins. (no need to keep on taking pan out of steamer when layering)

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mrswongjowo said...

Rima..nice looking kueh..and very detail recipe danke.
Weekend I tried the Cotton Cheesecake...heaven!
The Kids love it..put some blueberries topping..

Rima said...

Jangan nak cakap the kids love it.. we adults lagi suka benda benda yg fattening macam ni hahaha..

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