My July Valentine..

My husband is not a romantic in the traditional sense. He wont be spelling out my name in rose petals on our bed (which don’t do because it stains…or so I am told) anytime soon. I don’t really get flowers (though boy when we were dating I did…miss those days…well, the flower part). There are no spontaneous poems. There is no coming home to romantic meal for two that he cooked (the man CAN cook!). And no cards on Valentine’s day .. probably if there is some heart shaped pizza from canadian pizza he wud get it simply because we find it amusing...hahaha... No flowers, no chocolate, no romantic getaway, no lingerie (seriously men, don’t do this), no jewelry.. though my husband is good with this… all mine comes in a little blue box.. wink wink!

And I could care less. Why you ask? I could care less because everyday my husband gives me a Valentine. He does it by going to work. He works at a job that enables me to stay at home.. i get to travel whenever or wherever i want.. i get to buy things that i like.. no question ask... Every night he watches Discovery Channel or any super boring channel in our bedroom. How is this a Valentine? He wears headphones so that the tv noise doesn’t bother me (I hate super loud tv).

When i feel like baking at night... he watches telly or play xbox to keep me company, even though he has already worked the whole day. And every Friday night he will make sure he takes us or me out on a "date"... Another huge Valentine.

He eats whatever i cook and will always say thank u and tell me i am his best cook of all time... awwww... puking already?? hahaha

The best thing abt my dear husband... he treats Hairi like his own and of cos bless me with Sonia.

So you see, I get Valentines all the time. Some people maybe never notice the things that their significant other does for them. But boy I sure do. And I find it incredibly sexy and romantic. So thank you dear husband for all the Valentines you give me on a daily basis. Know that I appreciate them so very much.

And oh oh why am i making history and be so so nice to him today?? hehhe psst pssstt scroll down... go on.. scroll down hehhee


Edith said...

well said Rima, mine is like yours too except that mine can't even cook an egg!

Rima said...

LOL well at least u know for sure that hes not gonna make a mess in ur kitchen hehe

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