Jaffa Cake

Once again its monday! this is what i will do every monday... start counting the days down... here we go again... monday, tues, wed, thurs, friday... and... yayyyyy!! Rima aka the wife, mother, maid, cook, educator, finance minister aka aka aka is able to go out and see the world hahahhaaa.. i always look forward to friday... its the time i get to see mom and dad... the time i get to go to nursery on my own to buy fresh flowers... the time i get to spend time with my siblings... and of cos the time i get to really "hv" hb to myself without him hanging on the phone and checking his mail 24hrs a day :op

Anyway... talking abt monday... so far its been a good day for me... Sonia afternoon nap went beyond expectation... she slept close to 4hrs! and i was like... yippieee.. my typical boring monday feels like friday hahahah... i get to bake jaffa cake and also cooked 2 type of dishes... also cooked Mee Rebus for us simply cos i feel like eating my all time fav noodles today... err this is what happened when ur fasting... u feel like eating every single thing in the world!... oh i also prepare chocolate pudding for desert... gulp ur a pig rima hahhahaha cake and ganache recipe fm Alex Goh

200g flour (i used cake flour)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tbsp milk powder
250g butter (soften) (i used unsalted and add 1/4tsp salt to my flour)
5 eggs
175g sugar
2 tbsp orange juice (i used sunquick)
zest of 1 orange

Sift flour, baking powder, salt and milk powder in a large bowl
Add butter and cream using stand mixer till smooth and fluffy
In another bowl, whip eggs and sugar till light and thick
Add orange juice and zest and mix till evenly blended
Add butter mixture and mix till well incorporated

Place batter into greased and floured 8" round pan or bundt pan if u like
Bake at 180C for 50mins
Unmould once its cool..

Ganache topping
125g cooking chocolate
55ml whipping cream
10g butter

Melt cooking chocolate over double boiler
Cook whipping cream till boiling and pour into melted chocolate and mix till well blended.
Add butter and mix till well combined
Let it cool to thicken. Set aside


SurayaCoghlan said...

This is a cake to die for..hmm..i must try this one day.

Rima said...

Die die must try ok and let me know the outcome... oh i took a peep.. happy bday to ur lill muffin! how old is she now?

SurayaCoghlan said...

hehe..yes..yes..i will..hehe..muffin is 5 today.

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