Gudir Jelly

My nyayi (grandmama) will always prepare this jelly whenever we hv function... be it for some religious function or bday or even for bbq... shes 82yrs old i think... maybe younger? lol... shes healthy... and she still travels heheh..

When i saw this recipe on MR i thought i shud gv this recipe a go eventho i knew my nyayi is just a call away... to be honest.. her jelly has that oldish style of taste? u know richer and super sweet.. i kinda like it hehehe.. maybe next time i shud just add dark brown sugar to gv that darker colour and also a little more of coconut milk to get a richer taste..

12g jelly powder
1000ml water
200g palm sugar
50g sugar
200 ml KARA coconut milk (will add 50ml more)
pinch of salt
pandan leaves
3 eggs (stir with fork)
dark brown sugar (optional)

Bring to boil palm sugar, sugar, pandan leaves and 500ml of water.. cool it
Mix eggs and thick coconut milk in a measuring cup and put it aside
Bring to boil 500ml water and jelly powder.. add palm sugar mixture and let it simmer.
Add egg mixture and stir it once or twice...let it simmer for a min or so
Pour mixture into desire mold and refrigerate for 2hrs

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