Black Pepper Chicken Pau

Bau or Pau?? err.. In the past 240 days I have had this pau recipe bookmarked, not a single one has passed that I haven’t considered when I’d find an excuse to make it. I’d angled for a holiday get together, but didn’t get my act together in time. Ditto for our yearly bbq party, and our typical family gathering a few weekends ago... still it didnt happened.. Thus I decided it has to be now or never, and since i bought all sort of flour last weekend, also double acting baking powder, i made this savoury buns and voila... i got a fluffy, supersoft pau, just like the one that u can get at the night market... and to be honest... for a first timer in pau making, i think i did alright err...what cud go wrong when i'm using my ever trusted breadmachine to do the job hehehhe.. (hb bought it for me like 4yrs ago without my knowledge.. wasnt pleased cos back then i wasnt into baking.. had told him that its useless cos i hv my ever trusted kenwood mixer... and now? i used my breadmachine like every week! in fact i dont know what i will do w/o it hahahahha) 

I decided on black pepper chicken pau simply cos i feel like eating savoury today... also made kaya pau for my little princess...

500g Hong Kong flour
50g sugar
250ml lukewarm water
2tsp instant yeast
2tsp double acting baking powder
1tsp salt
40g Crisco/ shortening
Fillings of ur choice

300g chicken meat
Enough mix vegetable
Black pepper sauce
2 garlic (crush)
1 small onion (diced)
Salt to taste
1tbsp cornflour mix with a little water


1. Heat oil in pan, sauté onion for 1 to 2 minutes and add in garlic and ginger. Add in chicken meat and mix vegetables.. let it simmer
2. Mix in black pepper sauce and salt.
2. Mix together water with corn flour, add mixture into the pan and stir well. Simmer until gravy is thickened.
3. Transfer to plate and allow to cool.
4. Divide filling into 24 portions if desired, set aside for later use.

1. Sift together flours, salt, baking powder and sugar. Place sifted flour mixture in a large mixing bowl and make a well in the middle.
2. Fill well with lukewarm water and yeast. Use a spatula, gently stir the water to dissolve the yeast then slowly bring together flour mixture.
3. Add in shortening or oil and knead for 10-15 minutes until soft dough is formed. It should be smooth on the surface.
4. Cover dough with damp cloth and let it rise for 30 minutes or until it is doubled in size. I used bread maker’s dough mode to prepare my dough up to this step.

5. Divide dough into 24 equal portions (i weigh 40g each) and flatten with a rolling pin to make a 3” circle. Then place a heap teaspoon of filling in the middle, wrap and pleat the dough to seal. Place it on a 1.5” square parchment paper, seal side up.
6. Arrange buns into a steamer, leave about 1” gab in between buns. Let it rest for like 15mins or so.
7. Spray water mist over buns, and steam in a preheated steamer on high heat for 12 minutes. Remove buns from steamer and cool on rack to prevent soggy bottom.

1. If bigger bun is desired, divide dough into 12 equal portions in step 5.
2. Adding a few drops of vinegar into steaming water will produce whiter buns, but this is optional.
3. Steamer must be preheated otherwise bun would not rise to the volume as it should be.
4. Spray the surface of bun with water mist helps to produce buns with smooth surface after steamed.
5. DO NOT open the lid during the steaming process.
6. If there are yellowish spots on the steamed buns, it means the baking powder is not fully dissolved.

Source: K.Fida of MR and Lydia

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