Sis Lyn and family finally got into KL after an hr and half delayed... they took the night train and somehow it didnt arrived on time...lucky the limo driver was still there waiting for them or else they wud hv to take another train ride to Concorde!... i asked her sarcastically... "ur train had to stop for petrol ah?" and she replied... "no lah... had to do transit in Kajang.." gulppp... first of all i couldnt sleep last night (excited maybe?) and finally fall asleep at 3am... ur 5.30am sms woke me up...and now u got the cheek to answer me like that? NICEEE hahahhaha finally my maid (sis lyn) is here to help me look after sonia... hahahhaha sorry sis lyn... honestly i am so so glad n happy that u guys are here...can keep me company... Sonia will hv fun playing/swimming with Danish and Dafinah... honestly being in Kl alone isnt as fun as in Bkk... In Bkk i hv too many "project" (if u know what i mean) hahhaha..

Ok heres pics of Sonia fm this morning... she loves watching oldish type of cartoons hehhe

You know what... yesterday wasnt a good day for both of us.... poor Sonia...she fell fm the bed but didnt really hit anywhere cos she wasnt crying loudly...think cos the floor is carpeted? still enough to make me feel paranoid... i picked her up and carry her and just as when i wanted to close the toilet door behind me(cos i didnt want her to crawl to the toilet) she screamed... her tiny feet somehow got stuck in between the toilet door! oh god!! i was like... i know its bloody painful and the first thing i did was to quickly pacify her... gave her milk and she went straight to bed.... i cried when i saw her tiny little feet all red... i felt really really bad and i blame myself for not keeping an eye on her... i shudnt hv let it happened in the first place but again i was preparing her milk when she fell off the bed... sigh... thank God after 2hrs of sleep... she woke up a happy baby... :o

Anyway hb took us to Pavilion... ate at Lunch & Pepper... or was it Pepper & Lunch? err... very very niceeee... the best part abt being in Malaysia is that all of the eatery places here are certified halal... sometimes i wonder whats stopping them fm getting halal cert in Singapore... hmmm anyway in this pic she was crying cos i didnt allow her to play with my laptop... she wasnt in her best mood yesterday... but again who can blame her... :o(

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