My other half is coming home later today... finally the long week is coming to an end... i am exhausted, tired, lack of sleep, frustrated etc etc etc... this whole week has been a work week for me... lots of ironing.... lots of laundry.. tonnes of housework, gardening and with Sonia only sleeps once a day (if i am lucky 2hrs... if not 45mins) i only get to do all that after 10pm when shes asleep... sigh.... honestly i think age is catching up on me and also today Sonia was fussy!!

Yesterday morning i started off very early since Sonia woke up at 7am.. oh by the way i finally fall asleep at 5am.. with only 2hrs of sleep i forced myself to finish up my ironing.. i cooked durian sticky rice for Wati and also prepare laici pudding to take to moms.. i got home at 9pm and managed to put her to bed by 10pm.. did laundry, housework, a little more ironing and finally here i am... in bed... and all this while what was dear hb doing at the airport? hes in some Real Madrid shop .. window shopping! grrrrrrrrrrrrr first of all u dont tell a frustrated woman to think positive when she complained to u abt her day cos its easier said than done... second u dont tell an exhausted woman u are window shopping! tsk tsk bad combination! and what happened next... volcano erupted!!! hahahahah

Pic taken at the airport... Sonia is indeed papa's daughter... she has been behaving well since hb got home... grrrrrrrrrr

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