Movies and Reading...

I love watching movies.
I love reading books.
They are one of my favorite past times,
and I used to be so up to date,
with the latest movies.. watching it on the big screen is a weekly event
and know,
I'm down with the trends.
after i gave birth to Hairi and now with little Sonia,
something gotta give. I had cut down A LOT on my reading habits, and movie times.
I still keep up on what's in the movie world
and the bestseller lists, but I just dont have the time to sit down and read,
or watch a movie.

I have other hobbies.
With my cooking and baking, and housework thats like a never ending story,
I dont have the time to do anything else.
Did I mention I have to take care of 2 kids and a toddler too? oh thats hb, hairi and sonia
And if I do have the time,
I cant bear to sit down for 2 hours and just sit still.
I'm too antsy.
I always feel like there's something else that needs to be done.

Most times I have to watch a movie or read at night when my rugrats are asleep
The problem when I try to watch or read something at night,
I will fall asleep too.. maybe too tired..
Maybe i felt that i need a good night sleep to hv a good day ahead..
I get to watch dvds when i am in the car tho..watching dvds on my way to somewhere
is the only time i can really sit still
thats cos i'm stuck in the car hehehe
Sadly to say I no longer get to watch movie when i am on the plane either..
Sonia cant keep still and when she finally falls asleep i wud rather read some magazine..

I have too many things going on at the same time...
maybe its time for me to take a breather... to take one step back and not think so much...
Maybe its time for me to put myself first bef anything else...
will that be possible??
Sonia is dancing to mickey mouse clubhouse song right now and shes so so bloody cute!
She is growing too fast and I dont want to miss out on anything..
Hb on the other hand is busy with work right now and I hate it when he has to go on OS..
I would tag along all the time before but now with Sonia...
Some trips just doesnt make sense for me to tag along..

Back to movies and reading...
I would love to watch a movie with hb on the big screen one of these days..
Its been 2 yrs since we last get to do that...
Sis Lyn or Mom..
Can u babysit Sonia for us?? hehehe
As for reading,
Hmmmm maybe for now i shud just stick to magazine...

Sonia is just like her papa.... watching telly all the time... papa with his history/discovery/bbc channel and Sonia... playhouse disney...and mama preferred channel? travel and living..

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