Its going to be a looooong week ahead....

I am back in S'pore... my body is aching all over cos for some reason i decided to hv an oil massage at the hotel spa a day before we drive back home.. sigh regret regret...

Sonia n papa by the pool... yesterday morning was the only day where papa was able to take Sonia for a swim.. she enjoyed it!

Hb will be flying to Europe tomorrow and will be away for a week.... hes flying to Frankfurt and then to Madrid on tuesday... dont ask me why we're not tagging along cos i dont even hv the answer... i guess some trips doesnt make sense for us to tag along? maybe also cos we did germany last sept already? honestly i hv never met a guy that works like a horse... at times i wish he can take a breather and not think abt work when hes at home or even when we go out... but i guess thats not possible...hes not that sort of guy and i cant change that :o@

I am not too sure if i am in the mood to bake anything next week cos my no 1 critic will not be around... mom and dad is in Bali right now... so...if i do bake whos going to finish it up... will go and meet my gf and hang out since i hv the car for a week instead... lets just hope Sonia is not gonna be difficult cos for the past 3 days she has learn something new.... SHOUTTTT!! grrrrrr

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Hi.. I am a SAHM to 2 kiddoes..19yr old boy n 2 year old girl.. met my Austrian hubby here in Singapore and hv been living here all my life... my love for baking started when i was 6mths preggie to my daughter, Sonia... my addiction to baking has not stop eversince.. I hope to learn as much as i can abt baking and decorating and then share it with u along the way..