Foccacia Pizza

Heres the deal... i dont take pics of the dishes that i cook every day... i dont think i hv the time for that tho hb encourage me to do it... he said it adds variety to my blog... well i will hv to think abt it first before embarking into "dishes" entry...

Anyway since i am fasting today i decided to cook something simple.. we are italian for a day again hehehe.. aglio olio prawn pasta and of cos Pizza... i decided to bake foccacia bread and use it as my base instead of ur typical pizza crust.. u can get foccacia bread recipe in my previous entry.

Gv it a go cos hairi ate 3 mini pizza at one go for lunch! recipe fm BH.  

1 focaccia bread
1 tomato diced
1/2 tbsp red pepper diced (I used 1 whole green pepper)
pasta sauce( I used a bottle of Ragu pizza sauce)
shredded cheddar cheese
shredded mozzarella cheese (original recipe don't have)

For beef mixture
500g minced beef
1 tbsp mixed Italian herbs
1 big onion diced
1/2 tsp chicken stock(I forgot to add lol)
Chinese celery and spring onions to estimate sliced thinly
salt n black pepper to taste

1. Washed and drained minced beef. Add beef into wok for browning.(no need oil). Cook till the juice almost dry and add in Chinese celery, spring onions, salt chicken stock, onions and mixed herbs. Let it cook for a while. When ready put aside.
2. Cut bread to halves and halves again. Spread some pasta sauce onto bread, sprinkle minced beef mixture followed by tomatoes, red pepper and cheese. Grill bread in oven for at least 6 minutes or till cheese has set. Ready

I didnt cut my bread into halves... i used a 9" pie dish and bake my bread in it.. once baked and cool spread pizza sauce and sprinkle minced beed mixture and topping. I baked mine for 12 mins or till cheese is slightly brown. Enjoy!

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