Banana Muffin again??

Yesterday while in Johor Bharu, i managed to buy a few bunches of ripe bananas for only M$1... thats like 30 cents here... u cant even get anything below $1 here anymore let alone a few bunches of bananas! thats why i love to do groceries shopping in Malaysia! am a happy bunny hehhe... and since tomorrow mom and dad is going to Trengganu for the weekend i baked banana muffin for their road trip...

Anyway today is the last day of are going to hv 5wks of school hols... which means Singaporean will start to take their kids across the border for a short hols... so as fm tmrw onwards or perhaps tonight, the traffic is going to be bad at the causeway! And since my sis, Wati and co, will be driving to Kuala Lumpur for the weekend.. i baked extra muffin for them too! errrr sista, u sure u wanna go tmrw? hehehheee

To my mom and dad... hv a good trip... u guys do know that theres not much to see there right? we took u guys there last december remember?? err err borriiinngggggg... hahahhaaa ok ok maybe boring to me cos there was not a single cafe for me to hv my proper coffee.. not even a big shopping mall in sight for me to do my window shopping hahhahaaa

So ok... here are some of the photos we took on our december 2wks road trip to Malaysia.. we did S'pore-Kuantan-Trengganu-Penang-Kuala Lumpur and back to S'pore.. was an enjoyable trip.. well except the route fm Trengganu to Penang! hb took the old route to Penang... was horrible lol... a never ending 300km windy road... we even saw a few wild elephant!! hahhaha ... i asked hb.. "do u know that the old route u took is gonna be a 300km windy road?" he looked at me and said.. "of cos i knew!!" grrrrrrrrrr lucky none of us vomitted in the car hahahhahaaaa

Our last stop.. KL... celebrated my ??? birthday there :op

Dad with Sonia at Starbucks - Penang

In Kuantan..


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