Sorry guys... it didnt go as planned... i was so so busy wondering around bkk that i didnt even get the chance to take lots of pics and also pics of all the cakes that i've tasted! bummer! oh well... if ur in bkk u know what i meant by wondering aka shopping aka hair extension aka eye lashes extension aka night market aka weekend market aka aka aka hahahhahaaaa

Anyway we got home safely last night.. now recuperating :p

Oh one other reason why i simply love tagging along to bkk is because i get to meet up/ catch up with my best buddies, Justin and Ping for coffee... our all time fav cafe is Mr Bean... they make good coffee!

Want to hear a story? Whenever we go to bkk, come rain or shine i make sure i get to go to chatuchak market to buy my green, red curry paste and most important of all tom yam paste... we always get it fm the same guy cos all his paste are freshly made and of cos we usually will get it in kilos... anyway to cut the story short since we only bought all our paste bef our flight home, i didnt packed it into my suitcase and guess what happened at the airport? we were told by the airport officer that we cannot take it to the plane cos our "liquid" item is over 100ml... we were like... what the..??!! we argue that a paste cannot be consider liquid but obviously thats not the case so u know what my dear hb did,... he said to them .. "well since i am allowed to take up 100ml... i will take out 100ml fm all my paste!".. hahahaha... she wasnt pleased but hack... hb was just being himself at that moment... stubborn but at the same time smart... he did that to get back at them more than to save all my precious thai paste :op

Lesson learnt... never ever hand carry my precious curry, tom yam paste to the plane... boo hooo... photo abv was taken infront of the shop that we normally get all our fresh paste fm...

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